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Once upon a time, in the faraway galaxy…

Peace and prosperity prevailed on planet PumpDump. The Republic of Hamsters flourished. But not all their neighbors liked this state of affairs. The greedy Empire of Scammersons deceived Hamsters and started trimming them. The Empire's actions awoke a dark demon by the name SECT whose only aim was to destroy everything in his way. Hard times came to PumpDump. The balance between good and evil was broken.

Pump Dump lies in ruins, the fires burn everywhere, and the battles rage. For now, the dark side prevails. The warehouses of Scammersons are packed with the fur of poor trimmed Hamsters. Starvation and cold are their only future. The dark demon SECT destroys everything on his way. To control him, one has to gather fifteen out of twenty-one artifacts. The Empire already has four of them.But resistance forces don’t give up. On the big secret gathering, the organization “MaCfree” was created to protect long-haired hamsters. They decided to send a message to space with a plea of help. Few, but well-organized groups of long-haired hamsters received the first victory and got the artifact “Hand of Dan.”

To be continued...

Game cards
Gather the collection of cards for the most efficient battle. You will be able to sell your cards on the market.
Hamsters, an ordinary population of Pump Dump. Expendables. Hamsters are numerous, so no one cares how many of them are used. Yet, hamsters vary: ones are the citizens of the Republic, others are the Empire’s slaves. The only thing that unites them is a desire to become free and long-haired, and they will gladly die for their dream.
The characters of the events in the Pump Dump galaxy. These are a few famous personalities who stand out from the crowd. They’ve attracted attention by their actions, and hamsters are following them. Together, they are the power that cannot be ignored. But there are also those who use and trim hamsters without considering their further fate. This way, they increase the negative influence on Pump Dump.
Very powerful and influential characters. The force’s with them. Their roots go through the ages, to the times of genesis block. Many of them saw the Supreme Deity Satoshi Nakamoto with their own eyes. They are the ones who can influence the balance between good and evil. These characters possess superpowers.
Supreme deities and ancient demons of the Universe. Immortals. They created this world, and they can doom it. They were the ones to lay down the first block - genesis block. They exist outside the time and space and almost never interfere in the lives of mortals.


Equip your character with the game assets and increase his attack and protection capacity.
Magic Box
Invite your friends and get a reward. You can also get valuable gifts for fulfilling referral tasks.
5 friends
Get a Hamster Box for 5 friends engaged.
It includes one hamster and 2 assets
20 friends
Get a Rare Box for 20 friends engaged.
It includes one rare character, 3 assets
50 friends
Get an Epic Box for 50 friends engaged.
It includes one epic character, 4 assets
100 friends
Get a Legendary Box for 100 friends engaged.
It includes one legendary character, 6 assets
Our Partners
We are grateful for our partners’ precious help in the creation of this project. Without them, we wouldn’t have managed to make something just as awesome.
Idea Generation
jack daniels
Intergalactic hamster guild
Spiritual Mentors:
We are endlessly thankful to those who inspired us in the times of depressions and slovenliness. Their life journeys showed us that everything was possible and made us move forward. Bowing low.
Satoshi Nakamoto
Bob Marley

All characters appearing in this game are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.